Twisted Transformation: Mariellen’s Story

Mariellen’s Journey: Transforming Health and Confidence with Twisted Cycle’s 6-Week Program

When Mariellen embarked on her journey with Twisted Cycle’s 6-week transformation program, she had a clear goal: to reignite her motivation and uncover the reasons behind her weight loss struggles. Mariellen’s story is a testament to the power of determination, the right guidance, and a supportive community.

Rekindling Motivation and Discovering Insights

Mariellen’s primary aim was to regain her motivation and figure out why her previous weight loss efforts had stalled. Through Twisted Cycle’s program, she gained valuable insights into her diet and exercise habits. “I learned exactly what to do and discovered just how much fat I was consuming, even the ‘good’ fats,” she shares. Her goal was to feel confident in a bathing suit by summer, and the program’s structured approach helped her achieve that.

The Role of Support and Accountability

Support and accountability were crucial to Mariellen’s success. Jason, the program leader, provided scientifically-backed tenet videos and essential tools to help participants work smarter and harder. Weekly InBody scans and MyFitnessPal played pivotal roles in keeping Mariellen accountable. “Watching my body fat decrease and my lean muscle mass increase really recharged my workouts,” she explains. This continuous feedback loop kept her motivated and informed about her progress.

Effective Aspects of the Program

Several elements of Twisted Cycle’s program stood out to Mariellen, particularly the social interactions and nutritional guidance. “Meeting others going through the transformation and exchanging tips after workouts was very beneficial,” she notes. MyFitnessPal, in particular, was a game-changer. “It made it hard to justify eating a big Costco cookie when I knew it accounted for a third of my daily fat grams!”

Overcoming Challenges with Support

Like many on a weight loss journey, Mariellen faced challenges. A significant hurdle was coming to terms with the 25 pounds she had gained over four years and understanding that losing it would take time. Jason’s unwavering support was instrumental in helping her overcome this. “Jason was incredibly supportive, always offering to review our scan information or food logs,” she recalls. His encouragement kept her motivated to continue working toward her goal weight.

Transforming Well-being and Lifestyle

Mariellen’s transformation had a profound impact on her overall well-being and lifestyle. She experienced gratifying moments as she watched the weight come off her waist, an area where she had never struggled before. “This progress empowered me to continue making better food choices,” she says. A significant confidence booster was seeing how much better she looked in a form-fitting tennis dress. “Overall, I feel more energetic and am excited to be an active grandma!”

A Visual Testament to Success

Mariellen’s transformation is not just about numbers on a scale but a journey towards a healthier, more confident self. Her story is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved with the right program and support system. As she looks back on her journey, she’s proud of her progress and excited for the future.

Thank you, Mariellen, for sharing your inspiring story!