What to Expect

Twisted Cycle changes the exercises, the format, and the focus daily. We believe constant variation creates changes you can see and feel.



Indoor cycling is one of the best forms of cardio. PERIOD. It is highly effective in burning calories, strengthening your heart, and has zero impact (meaning no jarring impact on your joints). Our expert instructors will guide you through a cardio experience unlikely any other. Between the music, atmosphere, and entertainment you are sure to encounter the BEST. CARDIO. EVER.


The benefits of strength training are unparalleled. From building muscle to decreasing fat, strength training is a staple to the optimal exercise program. Every Twisted Cycle workout incorporates a strength training circuit that changes every single day.



Peak fitness is not done unilaterally. From battle ropes to sandbags, the HIIT circuit combines calorie burning with functional movements. Our unique variety of equipment and exercises sets us apart from any other fitness experience.


  • Twisted Cycle uses state of the art technology to measure fitness metrics inside or outside the studio. Our Trakrs are the perfect device to accompany in every workout.
  • Our Trakrs measure almost every metric possible. We track calories, points, energy, average power, distance, average RPM, and average heart rate. Whatever your goals are, we provide the metric to quantify them.
  • We want to ensure that you feel accomplished through progression and improvement. Tracking your workouts provides you with the ability to see real-time metrics during our classes and gives them the necessary data to TRACK. TRAIN. TRANSFORM.
  • Download Our App
    Download our app to see all your metrics in one place. This app will allow you to book classes, see workout summaries, participate in challenges, and much more.


Character is one of the most important qualities we look for in our staff. A high moral standard, high integrity, and strong work ethic are just some of the characteristics we expect from every staff member.


Our goal is to change people's lives through fitness INSIDE these walls and build meaningful, lasting relationships OUTSIDE these walls.



"We believe that the positive Character of the individual nourishes the Culture of Twisted Cycle, to impact, enhance and grow the Community around it."

- The Carver Brothers