Michelle’s Client Spotlight

For the month of February, Twisted Cycle wants to show case one of our long time members, Michelle Gavin! Michelle has been apart of our Twisted Cycle family for over 3 years now. In that time, she has attended 461 classes. Michelle is 42 years old and in currently living in Mableton. Some of her hobbies include hanging out with friends, watching sports, and volunteering at Best Friend animal shelter. Michelle has always been extremely active, and joined TC to improve her running. Michelle says, “Since joining it has become so much more than an extra workout”.

Michelle has accomplished many things in her time with us. She has lost inches, gained muscle, and can now do a box jump! It wasn’t always easy for Michelle. She was forced to undergo a major ankle reconstruction in 2018 from years of wear and tear. She told us “Little did I know the exercises I was doing before my surgery were building up the strength i needed to be non-weight bearing for 4 months. In the months leading up to the surgery and when I was finally able to return, I wasn’t able to do anything high impact. All of the trainers I worked with provided modifications and alternative exercises without batting an eye”.

We asked her to give some advice to first timers and she said “Just show up. That’s the hardest part. You will not regret it. Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t keep up – you go at your own pace. Take as many breaks as you need. This is YOUR workout.” Michelle shared that her favorite thing about TC is “The people. The other members – who have become more like family, and who make you accountable when you don’t show up and are just as excited as your are when celebrating achievements.” She added “And the trainers – who are the most supportive and encouraging people I have ever met. They each have their unique way of motivating you, but they all have the common goal of bringing out the best you!”

Thank you Michelle for sticking with us and continually loving our workouts. We are so grateful for consistent, hard working members like you and appreciate the time you have spent with us.