Kathy’s Client Spotlight

This month the Woodstock Studio chose Kathy Marchetti as their December Client Spotlight. Kathy is 45 years old and is a mom of two teenage boys. She has been married for 22 years and one of her hobbies is working out at Twisted Cycle with her friend, Heather (“She is the reason I joined!”). Kathy has been taking classes at our Woodstock location for 2 ½ short months and has taken 44 classes so far!

We wanted to know what Kathy has accomplished since joining Twisted Cycle. She said, “Since I started, I have lost 10 pounds, gone up in weights (in most areas), and gone down a pant size. Those things are fabulous, but the most important thing I have accomplished is an awesome check up with my doctor. I have a certain cholesterol number that is always high-its hereditary. However, my doctor said my whole picture looked so amazing that he wasn’t worried about that level”. This is extremely impressive to here, seeing as though Kathy has only been coming to Twisted Cycle for 2 ½ months!!! We wanted to see what the biggest thing Kathy struggled with when she first joined Twisted Cycle. She told us “When I started at TC, I struggled with my endurance and commitment. After a couple months, I found out the two go hand and hand- the more I showed up, the better I got! While TC will never be easy for me, I am more confident when I walk in the door.”

Kathy is closer to the “newer member” phase than many of the other people we ask to give advice to new members. We think this gives her a better idea of what being a new member feels like. Her advice was “…never give up! Don’t let yourself be intimidated when you walk in the door. At every class I have taken, there has been awesome trainers right there to offer encouragement, make sure I was doing the exercise correctly, and give a modification if I needed it.” Kathy had a few favorite things about Twisted Cycle. She shared “The first is the friendly faces when you walk in the door-they make showing up (which can be hard some days) a little easier. Secondly, I love the trainers and their enthusiasm- they make class challenging, but fun! You might find them lifting me up by the legs on the pull up bar or split leaping across the room to make us giggle while we sweat. I am thankful for the time and energy they put in! Finally, I love our 9:30 crew! Heather, Kristen, Amy, Wanda, Susan, Lauren….see y’all at TC!”

Kathy, your kind words make all of our jobs worth it. We love helping everyone that walks into Twisted Cycle. We appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions and give us great responds. Thank for choosing us as your gym and joining our TC family. We know you will continue to reach your goals and achieve what you never thought possible.