More Than a Community, We are a Family

There have been many studies outlining the importance of having a “gym community”. Oxygen Magazine interviewed Harley Pasternak to get some insight on the importance of having a gym community. He said “I think its very important that you have at least one person who is your accountability partner-whether that person is a friend, a training partner, a spouse, a co-worker, or somebody who is on the mission with you. This person might go for walks with you. This person is, at the end of the day, somebody who can email what you ate that day and they’ll email you what they ate.”   However, Twisted Cycle is more than a community, we are a family. Many of the mainstream gyms use being a community as a marketing tactic to buy into being apart of a group of people that like working out, but what else does a community look like?

Being a family, means creating lasting bonds that not only will cause you to push each other in the gym but will be there for weddings, graduations, funerals, etc. We want to have a gym full of people that know each other outside of just the workout room. These people will see you at your worse and push you to strive for your best. This is what makes Twisted Cycle different and incomparable to other gyms. We live by the moto “Stronger Together” and we truly see that in our members. The idea of a mainstream community just wasn’t enough for us, and we needed to take that philosophy a step further.