Types of Protein: Which is right for you?


Types of Protein: Which is right for you?


So you’re convinced you need more protein. You’ve made up your mind that you want to feed and fuel your muscles with the right nutrients. You hit the internet and type in protein powders… WOW…. So many options, all marketing something different. After scrolling through a couple dozen, you start to see common words. Whey, Casein, Plant-based. So what’s right for you? Let’s talk a little bit about each so you can make an informed decision. Let’s go!

Whey protein isolate is a complete protein source and is a large majority of protein powders you’ll see advertised. As a byproduct of cheese, it’s only about 20% of the protein found within. Being a dairy product, it should be part of the consideration when you’re choosing the protein that’s right for you. The benefits of high-quality whey isolate are that it’s usually low in sugar, low in fat, and mostly protein (which is what you’re desiring) meaning, it’s quickly and easily absorbed readily to fuel your muscles after a workout activating something called protein synthesis.

Casein protein, a complete protein source, also found in dairy products is most of the protein found within the cheese, milk, and yogurt, making up about 80%. This protein is more slowly digested, and ideally would not be the right fuel immediately after a workout. Due to the slowness of digestion, it can help curb appetites and is often the protein choice throughout the day, or at night before bed.

Plant-based protein powders usually have a variety. Often, you’ll see soy, hemp, pea, and nut proteins. Knowing how your body reacts to these plants may make a difference when choosing what’s right for you. The benefits of plant proteins include gut health, reduced blood pressure, and skin health. Because plants will need a combination of foods, you may or may not be consuming a complete protein source.

Make sure to check with the manufacturer, but regardless having more plants in your life is a good thing. Naturally, there are many variations of each source mentioned above, but we now hope you have a better understanding and direction of which source you’d like to choose for your goals.